Our Green Sustainable Statement

Our aim is to provide all our guests with authentic local experiences and a greater appreciation

of our surrounding area and an overview of Skye's natural wildlife and habitats.


While out-and-about please look after the Skye's countryside and nature by

disposing of your rubbish with thought.


Please use a waste bin, or if one is not available keep it with you

until such time that you are able to dispose of it

or, on your return, hand it to us for disposal.


At Vatersay House, we are aware of the impact tourism can have on remote and fragile environments.

As we live on a remote island in the Hebrides, we believe that we should all work together with yourself,

today’s eco-tourist, and minimize our joint impact on the surrounding habitat.

So to achieve this, we are looking to actively minimize our carbon footprint and trying to achieve greater sustainability.


Some of the sustainable, green and positive steps, that Vatersay House has taken include :-

Use of local, Scottish, Fair-Trade and Organic produce
Handmade, homemade bread to minimize use of processed food

Energy efficient light bulbs and appliances
A modern well insulated house with double glazed K glass
Our own off-mains water supply

Biodegradable pedal bin liners in the bedroom, en suite and Lounge.

Maximizing our recycling, including our guests unwanted bottles and papers
Our Soaps and Shampoos in refillable containers


We manage our garden to encourage birds and wildlife.

We have added a wildlife pond near to the bird feeding area,

a 7.11 meter waterfall to a pond in the garden.

and a decking area with stunning views over the Glen.


Provide details of local walks (Monks Waterfall is nearby)
Comprehensive information on Skye Walks from personal experience
Public Transport leaflets and timetables.


Thank you