Packed Lunches

Whilst out and about discovering Skye, you might require a snack and/or drink.

We are pleased to offer our packed Lunch Menu,  please order at breakfast:


X-Large Flask of Cafeteria Coffee for 2 - £2.50


X-Large Flask of Tea for 2 - £2.50


Bottle of water (small/large)  50p/£1.50


Slice of home-made Fruit Cake - £1.00


Chocolate Bar (Kit-Kat Chunky) 50p


Bag of crisps 50p


Freshly made Sandwiches £2.50

Tuna Mayonnaise, Tuna and Tomato , Ham with Dijon mustard & tomato, 

Scottish Cheese with pickle, Corned Beef and Lettuce, etc, etc.


Discover the unspoiled wild beauty of Skye 

Whilst out and about please look after Skye's countryside and nature by

disposing your rubbish with thought.

Please use a waste bin, or if one is not available keep it with you and hand it to us for disposal.